KO Propo EX-2 Standard Edition Radio

//KO Propo EX-2 Standard Edition Radio

KO Propo EX-2 Standard Edition Radio


  • Utilizing KO’s US Patented K.I.Y. system for modular components.
  • 2.7inch LCD display for easy navigation.
  • LCD screen can be rotated 90 degrees for personal viewing preference.
  • Basic Grip Unit without ET4/ET5 buttons.
  • Dual signal outputs for KO’s FHSS system and Kyosho’s MHS Mini-Z.
  • Using the K.I.Y. system allows for upgrades later without purchasing an entirely new system.
  • EX-1 K.I.Y. optional accessories can be used with the EX-2.


High performance CPU & 2.7inch LCD

Using a similar CPU to the EX-1 provides a super linear and fast response. Each menu is displayed like an icon to make it easy to search and the new menu tree is useful for setting your vehicle.

Two LCD Positions 90 Degrees Conversion

The LCD screen can be placed in two directions for a preferred viewing position.

Compact and Light Weight Master Unit

The Master Unit is lighter and the re-newed design achieves a new weight balance. The EX-2 is very compact and light weight making it very useful for your use.

Trigger Position Adjustable 3D trigger feature

Using KO’s unique 3D trigger and trigger position adjustment allows for comfort for all hand and finger sizes.

EX-2 Short Antenna

The new short antenna design reduces obstructions and performance offered is very linear and connected to the system.

K.I.Y Optional Parts Compatible

Utilizing the Patented K.I.Y system allows for Steering Units, Grip Units, Battery Stand and Grip Pads to be used with the EX-2 as upgrades to your system.

Settings: Model: Select, Name, Copy, Reset

Steering: Auto Trim, Auto Balance, Trim, Travel, Balance, Sub Trim, Trim Rate, Turn Speed, Return Speed, Punch, Curve, Reverse, Feel

Throttle: Trim, Travel F, Travel B, Sub Trim, Trim Rate, Turn Speed, Return Speed, Punch, Curve, Reverse, Neutral Brake, Brake Override, ABS, Accel, AutoStart, IdleUp, Feel


2WAY: 2 positions setting
3WAY: 3 positions setting
5WAY: 5 positions setting
ANALOG: 25 steps and end position setting
Twin Servo

Timer: StopWatch, DownTimer

System: Pairing, Modulation Setting (FH/MHS), Key Setting, Display, Battery, Calculator, Sound, VR Information, Key Speed, Operation Alarm


Product name: EX-2 Standard Edition / No.80561
Transmitter: KT-415FH
Master Unit: 10557 EX-2 w/ 10558 LCD Expansion Unit EXP-104
Steering Unt: 10506 Steering Unit EX-1
Grip Unit: Basic Grip Unit
Receiver: KR-241FH
Operating system: steering wheel & throttle trigger
Number of channels: 4
Transmit frequency band: 2.4GHz
Nutral pulse: 1.5msec
Power source: RO3/AAA/UM4 battery x 4, or 4 cell battery pack
Current consumption: 150mA


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